"Animals are such agreeable friends — they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms."
                                                                                                                                                                             -George Eliot
Victory for Vasya! With a one-of-a-kind face, this senior guy found a one-of-a-kind family. Enjoy your new home Vasya!
Congratulations Francesca! Enjoy your new life pretty girl!

Congratulations Francesca! Enjoy your new life pretty girl!

We had Drew for over a year. Many thanks to the family who saw the beauty in his gentle heart. Have a wonderful life big guy! 
Shhhhh...our senior Kibby will be having sweet dreams from now on. 
Amazing news! After waiting far, far too long, our magical Muji found her forever home. Meet other kitties who need a home! 
Nothing ever fazed Molly. Now she is showing her new family just what a character she is. Congratulations Molly! 
Another happy story of a senior dog finding his forever family. Enjoy your dapper days Duffy! 
Who says you can't teach a senior dog new tricks? Enjoy your new family, Zoe! 
Katy, our senior Chi-Chi has found her forever home. Enjoy your new family sassy girl! 
Congratulations Lyle! Enjoy your new forever home! 
Congratulations Miss Molly! Enjoy your new family! Why not help another dog just as wonderful as Molly find their forever home?  

Well doesn't this just take the cake? We rescued Calypso in the nick of time from an NYC high kill shelter and she found a forever home lickety split! Have a great time with your new family pretty girl! Share the love...check out one of our other cute kitties up for adoption!

Caper charmed the pants off his foster family and now they are his forever family! Cheers for Caper!
We pulled the amazing Lester from NYC's high-kill shelter in the nick of time. He quickly found his forever family who know how much senior dogs ROCK! 
Once rescued it didn't take long for our Chico to find a much-deserved loving home. 
Well, just look at Malcome sittin' pretty. Enjoy your new family you handsome gent! Check out our adoptable kitties
Our one-eyed wonder Mari has quite a few cute tricks up her paws! Have fun playing with your new forever family! 
Shades has a bright future ahead of him with a brand new family all his own!
Tina went from living a lonely life in a backyard to finding a family that will dote on her always. Enjoy that cushy doggie bed sweet girl! 
Our senior Stitch landed on his feet and is getting nothing but love in his new forever home. 
Our Dusty found a great new family. Here's to many happy days of catnip and love!

Our Dusty found a great new family. Here's to many happy days of catnip and love!

Gotta love it! Rescued from the street River has found his new home. Have a great time River! 
One of the things we love most is when we can help a senior dog find his forever home. Have a wonderful life Simpson! 
Our happy Hank found his forever family. Have fun in your new home! 

Yet another senior save! Cokie & Mya were rescued from NYC's high-kill shelter in the nick of time. Now they have an amazing home to spend their golden years! 
Yet another senior success story. Zippy Zilo found her forever family! Enjoy your new home pretty girl! 
Our little senior gal simply charmed her way into the hearts of her forever family. It really wasn't too hard. Here's to many happy years, Minnie! 
Whoa! Enjoy your adventures Sinclair and Kingsley!
This just goes to show that tiny dogs can have enormous adventures! After being rescued from a neglectful situation, Humphrey has found his forever family! 
Heaven is grinning from ear to ear now that she has found her forever family. Enjoy your new life Heaven--you deserve it! 
It's no wonder our devine Delphine got adopted not long after we rescued her...she rocks! Why not give a home to one of our other lovely cats
Sweet kitten that she is, it didn't take Simba long to find her forever home. Enjoy your new family little gal! 
Handsom Humphrey found his forever family in a blink of an eye. Enjoy your new home! Check out our other adoptable cats
We knew Snuggles would wiggle his way into his forever family's hearts. Enjoy your new home little guy! 
Another super senior save! Thank you to the family who opened their hearts to an older gent. Enjoy your new life Smokey! 

Kenzie can't wait to get in on some serious play with her forever people! 

Success Stories! 
This is just a sample of the cats and dogs who have found their forever home with people who know rescue animals rock! For available companions please visit our Adopt a Cat and Adopt a Dog pages. 
It was a big day for Brody when he found his forever home! Have fun little one! 
Way to go Gem! Enjoy your new forever family.

Way to go Gem! Enjoy your new forever family.

We're pretty sure these two will stick to their mischievous ways! Enjoy your new home Taco and Fennel! 
After a very close call at an NYC's high-kill shelter and after a very long wait, Suzy found her forever family. Enjoy your new life Suzy! 
We are very excited to announce that our little Charlie, who was found tied to a pole, found the family he deserves. Way to go Charlie! 
We love when one of our pitties wins the heart of a caring family and that is just what Ella did. Enjoy your new home pretty girl!
Joyous news for Jonas! Enjoy your forever family! 
Candy is having a sweet time with her new forever family! 
We are so happy to say that cute as a button Zeus has found his forever home! Way to go little one! 
Look at this lovely lady go! Our 12-year-old Kiera ran right into the hearts of her forever family. Enjoy playing catch Kira! 
Congratulations to our little Otter! Enjoy your new family! We have plenty of other sweet-as-pie cats waiting to meet you!
Our little Nala is so sweet she was scooped up almost as soon as we saved her. She leaves us with an important message ...we have other little doggies waiting to meet you! 
Our bouncy little Bunny has a brand new family! Here's an idea...check out our other cats looking forever homes! 
Woo-hoo! After waiting for a very long time our magnificent Mista found his forever family! 
Our little Mouse has a brand new family! Enjoy your new home pretty girl! 
Rose is going to show her family just what a fun girl she can be. Have a fabulous time with your new family! 
It didn't take long for Miss Thea to find the forever home of her dreams! 
Our city dog/country dog found the family of his dreams. You deserve the best Wylie!