Updated: March 4, 2017
Eno is a truly awesome 3-year-old brown tabby who is a purring machine. He was rescued from the kill shelter at the last minute by Ready for Rescue. When he brought him home, he hopped right of the carrier and into our laps (and our hearts). Mashing his sweet little face against our hands to solicit a head rub, we naturally obliged. 

Eno is an adorable fella who literally will gently grab you by the arm with his paws to play or, just go off on his own chasing his toys or sitting in the window watch the world outside. And he is beyond handsome -- we are talking supermodel here as he languidly lays on the bed with his big paws draped over the side. He's curious and sweet and will make a wonderful companion. Eno loves the spotlight and it would suit him best to be in a home without other cats or dogs. Inquire about Eno today! To begin the adoption process complete the application at the bottom of the page and send it on back to us to add a fabulous kitty to your family!!