Meet Delphine, a charming beauty who is more than happy to grace you with her presence. Approximately 9-years-old, she has kitten-like curiosity and readily investigates the world around her. She likes her toys and plays with them gently like the lady she is. Delphine is also quite mellow, and enjoys sitting next to you or better yet, curling up in your lap as you read or watch TV. Her slow blinks shows just how content she is to chill out. Delphine's soothing purrs will make a stress-filled day disappear in an instant or make a quiet moment all the more relaxing.

While we like to think of Delphine as a princess, she is a very low-key, low maintenance kitty which makes her the perfect fit for almost any family. Finding a loving forever home is all that is needed to complete her happiness. Could it be yours? Contact us to meet Delphine today! 

Delphine is spayed, current on her vaccinations and uses her litter box like that dainty girl she is.

Posted: February 22, 2017