Clara & Twinkle

These two bundles of cuteness are Clara & Twinkle! They are both just 8-weeks-old and in need of a loving forever home. Clara (tabby) is an adorable ball of fluff who loves to cuddle up next to you or be carried around like a princess. She just loves to play with her little mouse toy and spends almost as much time with it as she does with her best friend Twinkle. Twinkle herself is full of energy and runs around the house playing with anything she can find. She especially loves her foster-sister Clara. They are inseparable--eating, sleeping, and romping together all day long! 

As you may notice in the pictures, Twinkle had a terrible eye infection when she was only 3-weeks-old. This has left her blind in 1 eye but this doesn’t slow her down at all! Sadly that eye will need to be removed when she is about 4-months-old and big enough for surgery. Ready for Rescue will cover the cost of her medical bills. Best of all there won't be any long term effects so our Twinkle will remain as happy as can be!

Clara and Twinkle are best friends. In fact, Twinkle looks to Clara as her “seeing-eye sister.” These bonded girls never stray far from one another which means they will only be adopted out as a pair. Contact us to meet this charming duo today!

Clara and Twinkle are current on their vaccinations and use their litter box like superstars! They will be spayed when they are old enough. 

Updated: July 21, 2017