Champagne says, "Wanna put a little spring in your step? Adopt! We have cats and dogs waiting to meet you!"

Ready for Rescue is a 501c3  non-profit committed to saving cats and dogs from the streets and shelters of New York City. We have a special commitment to the underdogs (and undercats) that end up in local kill shelters. We routinely save sick, injured and senior animals, who in many cases are last ones left on the shelter's euthanasia list. We also have a particular fondness for pit bulls, a misunderstood breed of dog. We provide our cats and dogs with the finest medical care and place them in foster homes while looking for forever families. Each year we rescue over 100 wonderful cats and dogs. Ready for Rescue is a 100% volunteer organization and every dollar goes to the care and well-being of our animals.

Ways to Help Us! 

We are part of the Amazon Smile program. When you shop please pick Ready for Rescue as the charity of your choice!

Each year we spend thousands of dollars on veterinary bills. You can help us continue our mission by donating to our new Youcaring campaign! Any amount will is appreciated. We and our furry friends thank you!

Adopt Don't Shop! 
These are just a few of the kittens, cats and dogs we rescued from NYC's shelter system. Meet them today! We are always in need of foster parents and families. Check out how you can become one! 

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The Plight of Homeless Animals 
Each year millions of cats and dogs enter the shelter system. While some are rescued too many of these adoptable animals are put down. Please read our Fast Facts for more information. Donate today to help us continue to save lives! 
Beautiful Tina found her forever home! Please check out our other dogs looking for their new families.

Beautiful Tina found her forever home! Please check out our other dogs looking for their new families.

The Doggone Truth! 

American Staffordshire Terriers, aka "pit bulls", get a bad rap through no fault of their own. Don't be mislead by misinformation! The truth is they are amazing, loving and loyal companions and make great family dogs. Meet one of our rescued pitties today--he or she is sure to melt your heart. 

Candy found her sweet home!

Candy found her sweet home!

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